High quality, cost effective IT Solutions

Self-service web portals

Web portals provide the gateway to your customers having access to the services without recourse to call centres. With Squirrel SelfServe we integrate best of breed open-source components to provide a cloud solution to meet your web portal needs.

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Information Management

Information is such a key resource in today’s business world that the means by which it is acquired, validated, stored, protected and processed has become a recognised field of expertise within information technology.

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Third Party Support

We offer support for legacy systems where a support service from the original vendor is no longer available or has become too expensive. We also offer services to bring the legacy codebase up to date onto modern platforms.

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We work with any size of business. Some of our clients are small businesses who need quality IT services but have a small budget. We help them to make the best use of what their business can afford.

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About Baytree IT

Baytree IT Services was created in 2000 with the aim of bringing to bear the collective experience of top-class IT professionals to specify, design and build quality IT solutions. Our consultants have been involved in some of the largest and most complex IT systems in the UK working for multi-national companies on multi-million pound deliverables. Our senior consultants each have more than 20 years working in the IT business and it is this experience that can help your business to grow through improved IT solutions.

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