Information Management

Data Cleansing

A service in which data can be altered to rectify corruption or a decay in data quality. We can apply a range of cleansing techniques to restore data to a functional state. The procedure we follow enables us to provide a detailed assessment of your data. We also provide a variety of flexible pricing models to suit any type and size of business.

Data Migration

The advent of a new IT solution most often requires the movement of data from the legacy solution. We have performed many such data migrations across various technologies. Our consultants have been involved as designers, implementors, planners and managers on these projects. With this experience we can spot issues early, reducing cost of delivery and quality of the delivered data.

Information Transformation

Data Warehousing

The collection of data from operational systems into a reporting database is often termed a data warehouse. The data is collected and organised in such a way that the generation of operational reports is simplified and allows the organisation to measure key performance factors. Our experts can design the data warehouse and the data transforms required to turn the operational statistics into key reports.

Oracle™ Data Integrator

There are a number of data transformation tools in the current marketplace. Oracle™ Data Integrator (ODI) is one such and we have experts in the use of this tool. So whether you have a whole ODI project we can help with, or require a single expert consultant to assist with design and implementation then give us a call.

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