Structured questionnaires and assessment

Service Overview

This service provides our clients with the ability to create and operate a web-based, self-service mechanism for many types of capability or assessment survey. The combination of a questionnaire management suite coupled with a graphical, intuitive workflow design and delivery suite allows complex business processes enabling multi-stage review and approval and directed questioning.

Open-source components prevent vendor tie-in and their API-driven nature enables flexibility and future-proofing.

This service then can support complex multi-path questionnaires, and complex multi-tiered compliance and assessment processes.

Workflow Component

Again using an open-source framework in order to avoid proprietary software the workflow component allows the client to be hands-on in design and implementation of the workflow. Whilst the design elements are simple and intuitive, the implementation is capable of being complex and multi-faceted.

As an example a workflow could be created to allow a respondent to begin the questionnaire process and business rules can drive the flow of the questionnaire as key questions are answered. In addition at key points automated guidance could be driven from the answers to previous questions or personnel notified via email or a portal to provide assistance. Once the questionnaire has been submitted business rules drive the approval, assessment or compliance process through as many stages as required with reporting against progress, email for reminders or escalations, etc.


Reports can be generated against workflow and questionnaire responses with data sliced in many ways. KPIs and dashboards can be used to create simple management reports to quickly identify bottlenecks in the process.

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