Small to medium enterprise solutions

Baytree IT Services are very experienced in working with large multinational companies but we are ourselves a small business so we have an understanding of what it means to run a small business from day-to-day. This enables us to work with other small businesses and bring large corporate IT expertise to bear on small business problems. We already work with a number of small businesses and provide them with quality IT solutions but working within affordable budgets. With our policy of open honesty we discuss the business and IT issues that our customers have and help them to make informed choices about their IT needs.

We believe that IT is a key enabler for many businesses and our experiences with these small businesses bears this out. There is no doubt that each of these businesses have benefited considerably from their IT systems with relatively small investments can you afford not to invest in quality IT solutions ? We understand that you might not be aware of what is available to help you and this may make you reluctant to invest. This is understandable but you should ask yourself some questions about your business. Are their parts of your business that seem to be bottlenecks, be it in order handling, stock control, manufacturing, invoicing, delivery or wherever? Are there parts of your business which seem to be expensive in terms of manpower or full of repetitive tasks which could be automated? If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes” then we might be able to find a solution for you which could enhance your business. We don’t offer magic solutions and we don’t hide behind loads of technical jargon but we do give businesses IT solutions which pay back their investment and more.

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